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Podiatric Surgery Services

  1. Amputation Above Knee
  2. Amputation Below Knee
  3. Amputation Mid foot
  4. Amputation toe
  5. Bone currettage
  6. Wound Debridement
  7. Split Skin Grafting
  8. Dressing in OT–(minor procedures)
  9. Triple Arthrodesis
  10. TaloCalcanial arthrodesis
  11. TaloNavicular Arthrodesis
  12. Calcaneo cuboid Arthrodesis
  13. Tibio Calcaneal Arthrodesis
  14. Naviculo Calcaneal Arthrodesis
  15. Plate fixation of Charcot fractures of foot
  16. Autogenic IllIac crest bone graft.
  17. Bunionectomy& surgery for Hallux valgus
  18. Arthroplasty for Hallux limitus/rigidus
  19. Arthroplasty for Hammer mallet & claw toes
  20. Neuromassexcesion
  21. Plantar fascitis
  22. Cyst and Gangleons
  23. Bonespurs
  24. Tendoachilles lengthening open surgery
  25. Tendo transfer surgeries
  26. Repair of ruptured foot and ankle tendons
  27. Application of illizarov frame
  28. BoydsArthorodesis
  29. Amrita Sling Application
  30. PMMA Replacement foot bone prosthesis

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